Eye tools to obtain a magnetic gaze

Mia Cosmetics eye tools by Mia Cosmetics will allow you to create flawless eye make-up. Perfection stands in the details: whichever is the result you want to obtain, use our practical tools to take care of every single detail of your make-up and highlight your gaze.

All the tools for a perfect make-up

Buy on our on-line shop the tweezers to thin out and define the eyebrows: you will be able to recreate the so loved seagull’s wings shape or you will only need to thin out the brows in the area where is needed to have a natural final look. With this useful tool you will be the one to take care of your eyebrows, shaping them and giving them the dimensions that better suit your face.

For whoever wishes to have a deep and intense gaze, Mia Cosmetics offers a wide range of false lashes, created in synthetic fiber and easy to apply. There are several variants available, so that you can choose based on the effect you want to obtain. Whether you choose them in full strips or in single strands to simply thicken the emptiest areas, you will surely find the solution for you. We suggest you use them in combination with the proper glue and the practical false lashes applicator by Mia Cosmetics. Always perfect pencils and sharpened at the right point? Bring the Mia Cosmetics make-up sharpener with you, handy, light and useful. An essential tool to always have tidy and well sharpened your eye and lip pencils.

Don’t forget to give a natural curl to your lashes before applying a touch of mascara. Use Mia Cosmetics lash curler to make your lashes look longer and to give more volume in a natural way. Discover all the other tools by searching through our products’ category.