Face make up accessories for professional results

Mia Cosmetics’ face accessories are the indispensable tools to create a make-up worthy of a professional. Mia Cosmetics experts have selected only high quality face make-up accessories, which will allow you to apply the products quickly and easily. You’ll have the chance to create the perfect base for any type of make-up, from light and natural ones to the most eccentric ones.

Impeccable make-up base with beauty blenders

The beauty blenders are certainly among the most used face accessories ever.
These are face sponges, that can be used both dry and wet, are perfect for modulating the coverage of both concealers and foundation, making it light, medium or high depending on the make-up you want to realize. Explore our online store to learn more about the numerous varieties of beauty blenders designed to help you in the drafting of foundation or concealer. Mia Cosmetics sponges come in different shapes and sizes designed to reach the most difficult areas of the face, in order to facilitate the application of cosmetics: from the classic drop shape of the Drop Blender to the more articulate ones of the multifunction sponges, such as the Beauty Blender Cuneo or the Double-Sided Blender

Mia Cosmetics face accessories adapt to everyone’s needs from those of simple make-up lovers to those of professionals; they can also be used on the most sensitive skin, those products are latex free. It is essential to properly store the make-up tools purchased, cleaning them after each use. All blenders are simply washed with soap and water: this simple procedure will help you extend the life cycle of the product and it’s essential to avoid the spread of germs and bacteria on your face.

Mia Cosmetics manufactures are made in Italy as a guarantee of reliability and quality. It dedicates itself to an in-depth study to improve the performance of each accessory and also pays particular attention to design, all to offer you an optimal and safe result.