Hand tools: take care of your hands with our tools

Mia Cosmetics hand tools are professional tools that are needed to create the perfect manicure even on your own. Hand care is essential to have an always tidy and presentable look, with our tools you will have everything you need to satisfy your needs. Among the different tools that Mia Cosmetics has created for make-up lovers, there is a wide range of hand tools for a beauty and relaxation moment dedicated to you.

Homemade manicure with Mia Cosmetics tools

Do a perfect and professional manicure where and when you want, thanks to the hand tools by Mia Cosmetics. Your hands will always look tidy in a short time and with high quality products: discover online our range dedicated to hand beauty.

Every single nail must be prepared to be sure that it grows healthy, neat and with no imperfections but, most of all, strong. Start by taking care of the cuticles by choosing to choose them with our Cuticle Pusher to then remove them with the cutter. Go on by giving your nails shape before cutting them with the tiny scissors and then shape them with the nail file. To have all the hand tools always with you you can buy the Nail Kit very comfortable while traveling.

After creating a good base you can go on with the application of your favorite nail polish. On our website there is also the essential to create a semi permanent manicure without any professional help. Before starting, use the buffer on every single nail and then apply the base gel. To make the gel dry, put your hands in the technological UV lamp. Between one coat and the other, clean the nail surface with Cleanser UV Gel.

Are you looking for cotton pads to remove nail polish? Try our delicate nail polish remover that cleanses the skin and gets it ready to the next color. If you’re often in a rush, on the other hand, choose the soaked sponge version: you will only need to put your hands in and rub in order to remove any trace of your old nail polish!

Take care of your hands with Mia Cosmetics and remember to always bring our sanitizing gel with you!