Make-up brushes: professional make-up tools for a flawless make-up

Make-up brushes are essential make-up tools to apply make-up correctly and obtain a professional result.

A make-up brush for any need: face, eyes, lips and brows.

There are different brushes depending on the product you want to apply and the area of the face you want to put make-up on. Big and soft make-up brushes are perfect to apply foundation, setting powder, contouring bronzers, blushes and to define face make-up. The tiny and thick ones are used to add precious shades to eye and lip make-up. Mia Cosmetics make-up brushes answer to any need.. Single or in sets, discover our brushes collection and pochettes.

A brush for every product.

In our make-up brushes sets you will find several accessories, like the filbert brush with the flat tip is perfect to apply liquid or cream products, like concealers and foundations. The circular brush with light bristles is for coloring the cheeks with a touch of blush, promoting the circular movement. With the angled one, on the other hand, it’s possible to trace and blend the contouring lines that shape the face. The bigger brushes of our make-up kits are used for setting powder and bronzing powder. The fan brushes lightly apply the highlighter.

For the eyelid, there are several options, from the eyeshadow brush to the blending one. Dense, stiff and angled bristles for the eye and eyebrow brush, similar to those of the eyeliner but a bit bigger. In conclusion, lipstick brushes stiff or soft, flat or round depending on the choices. Mia Cosmetics make-up brushes are created with high-quality bristles and guarantee an amazing effect and long-lasting performances.

Choose the best for your make-up, buy our brush sets for a professional make-up look.