Face brushes: make-up brushes for an even make-up base

Face brushes are tools to create an even and homogeneous base to start from to create a professional make-up look. With these make-up tools, it is extremely easier than usual to apply the products and it is possible to obtain a perfect result.

Choose the brushes for your face make-up

Big and soft face brushes are essential to apply make-up in an easy and even way on the face. Depending on the different functions, we distinguish the types of make-up brushes based on the different shape, consistency and type of the bristles.

To apply the base we use a dense foundation brush: a particularly soft brush with bristles that are flat on the tip or a duo fiber brush for an extremely natural effect.

The brush for liquid or cream foundation has synthetic bristles and a smooth surface to allow the products to slide on in a fluid way on the skin without leaving any stripe behind in order to reach the hardest corners of the face, like the nose, eye and lip area. Applying the foundation with the hands you could get an excessive coverage and a not so natural effect. Thanks to this tool you can take the right amount of foundation avoiding the building up in the face lines.

The blush brush that can also be used for highlighters and bronzing powders, has soft and big bristles as well that are useful to color the cheek area, the center and the sides of the face, while the drop-shaped brush, which is more tapered, is perfect for contouring. Don’t forget the setting powder brush which is big and soft, and the kabuki, which is perfect for traveling or to be kept in the bag for touch-ups on the go.

Every brush must be cleaned properly after being used to safeguard the proper hygiene and to avoid contamination of colors. We suggest you delicately wash every tool with a neutral soap, to wash it under tap water and, in conclusion, to let it air dry and tapping the handles with a clean and soft cloth.