The secret for a perfect make-up

Putting make-up on is that daily gesture that makes us feel better and makes us feel more confident! But what are the best products to create a make-up look that lasts all day? There is no best product overall but only the one that works best on you!What you have to do is knowing your skin, your colors and what makes you feel good, whether it’s a long-lasting matte red lipstick, a mattifying foundation that can tame your oily skin, an highlighting cream that makes your dry skin shine or a nude tones face palette to go to work. Whatever the make-up to create is, on MIA Makeup’s online shop you will find everything you need to create the perfect look for you, even palettes that are modular and customizable with pods and refills, that are perfect for make-up artists.

The make-up for a perfect, bright and natural face base

For a face that looks perfect and natural, before the actual make-up, it’s necessary to choose skincare products that are more suitable for your skin, to counteract the shiny effect of oily skin, to hydrate dry skin or to fight the acne-prone skin to obtain, with the best face make-up products, a natural and flawless face base.
You can use a face primer to stop the production of sebum or a highlighter if you want to obtain a super glowy face base. Choose among the best concealers to cover dark circles, blemishes and imperfections and find the foundation that is more suitable to your skin color and your undertone among all the mattifying, highlighting, hydrating, liquid, compact or powder ones.
For a light and natural make-up base, with an anti-age effect as well that is perfect for mature skins, choose the BB & CC creams with SPF. Discover how to fix the make-up with our face powders, in loose or compact powder, sculpt the face with the cool toned and matte powders for the contouring and make your skin fresh and glowy with blushes and highlighters. To improve the duration of the make-up or for touch-ups during the day, rely on the fixing and hydrating spray!

The best eye make-up products

With the eye make-up products you can express your creativity and your mood: start from the base with an eye primer, discover our eye pencils and eyeliner or how to enhance green, blue or brown eyes with an easy and natural make-up look. The black or colored eye pencil, the eyeliner, the eyeshadows and the nude or colorful palettes can help you extend the eye shape, while the mascara is the best ally to open the gaze and make it awake and sexy right away. Enhance your gaze with our false lashes, we have a wide selection of those.

The face frame : the must-have for perfect eyebrows

What helps with the creation of a perfect eye make-up, even if natural and easy, are the eyebrow products: automatic pencils with an ultra fine lead, microblading effect marker liner,, eyebrow palettes, colored gel mascara and fixing gel for the soap brows are all the most useful products to draw the eyebrow shape, fill, brush and fix them all day long.

Must-haves for long lasting and full lips

For the lips, there is a wide range of matte, long lasting and no-transfer effect lipsticks, hydrating lip balms, lip tints or liquid lipsticks with natural or brighter red, wine and bordeaux shades, up until the darker and intense browns, purples and plums.
Lip pencil, lipstick and volumizing gloss are the secret to make thin lips fuller. If you don’t know how to create perfect lip makeup, discover the best products to enhance the sexiest part of your face. Choose a lip treatment to always have them soft and hydrated, apply a natural lip scrub twice a week and rely on the Mia Makeup section for a kiss-proof, no transfer and long lasting make-up with a selection of liquid, matte and ultra opaque lip tints or lipsticks, hydrating satin lipsticks, plumping and volumizing filler lip glosses and long lasting lip pencils!

Eye and lip make-up tutorial

If you don’t know what kind of look to create for a special event, a ceremony, and you want to find the perfect make-up look for green, blue and brown eyes, if you are looking for an Halloween look, if you want to know which make-up to wear at Christmas or if you want to create a long-lasting wedding make-up look, visit the Blog and go through our look proposals and tutorials with the best Mia Makeup products!

Always perfect hands

Having manicured and flawless hands is a fundamental requirement to complete your look. Start from the basics with the healing products for the nails and proceed with creating a real professional manicure with the semi-permanent nail polish by MIA.If you love to change color everyday, try our nail polishes and don’t forget to use our fixing nail polishes for a long lasting effect.

Online make-up sales

On the online shop and in Mia Makeup’s stores, every week, you will find new promos on make-up, palettes and accessories, 3+1 promos on lip, eye and face make-up, discounts and freebies for special occasions like Black Friday, Christmas presents and gift boxes!