Eye make-up: from the base to the mascara

Do you wish to create the perfect eye make-up? With MIA Makeup you find all the right eye make-up products and the right accessories to create all the looks you want to create to enhance your gaze and your eye color!

Start from the primer and let your creativity free with the eyeshadows

Whether you want to go for a light and natural make-up or a bolder look, don’t forget the basics: use our eye primer to fix the products you will use later, increase the duration of your eye make-up and even out the eyelid from any discoloration. You will only need a few seconds to apply it and then you will be able to let your creativity free!

Try our eyeshadows and palettes to indulge yourself with make-up looks that will enhance your eye color. Our selection can make everyone happy: warm or cool shades, matte or shimmer finish, cream or powder formula.

Enhance your gaze with eyeliner and eye pencils

Mia Makeup, in store or online, has all the make-up products necessary to define your eye make-up. For a sexy and mysterious gaze, use one of our eyeliners choose among the gel ones, the pen or liquid ones, the waterproofs, extra black or colored ones to make the look elongated and seductive. You will be able to recreate a graphic and bold look or very thin and precise lines for a minimal and elegant eye make-up.

If you want to go for a softer and more blended look, the choice can only be our iconic eye pencils. Resistant, with a sliding stroke and available in several colors: these pencils are definitely a must-have to recreate an eye make-up that is suitable for any moment of the day.

Always perfect eyelashes and eyebrows

Do you want to have eyebrows that are always neat and tidy? You don’t know how to draw eyebrows and give them definition? Discover our eyebrow dedicated products: palettes, microblading effect markers, fixing gels and ultra-precise eye pencils.

Last step:mascara the most performing cosmetic product that can modify the gaze even if it’s applied on its own. In our catalog you will find the best mascara for you, with brushes that have been specifically studied to make the lashes longer, curled and volumized.

All eyes on you! Try our false eyelash strips. They are super easy to apply and they will add tone and drama to your eye make-up.