Eye pencils for a long lasting eye make-up

Eye pencils surely represent the most versatile product to use for creating several eye make-up looks. Resistant, with a light texture and available in several colors: Mia Makeup’s eye pencils perfectly satisfy anyone’s needs.

Do you want to create an intense smokey eye? Or would you simply like to brighten up your gaze? You can do it thanks to our eye pencils, all long lasting and extremely flowing. Before using the pencil to recreate the desired look, try applying our Step2 Eye Primer on the eyelid: in this way you will fix your make-up that will last all day long with no need of touch-ups.

Black eye pencil: a staple to enhance brown, green and blue eyes

For our make-up enthusiasts we thought about several types of eye pencil: from the classic kajal, perfect to create intense black make-up looks, with its soft and flowing lead that is perfect for the inner lash line as well, to the waterproof one that can resist the harshest weather, perfect for ceremony looks as well and the classic bride’s make-up that must last all day with no smudges!

Even a “simple” black eye pencil can be used in several ways. Thanks to the soft and flowing lead of our eye pencils you will be able to adjust the intensity of the line and obtain a more blended and precise effect depending on the eye make-up look you want to create. You can create a blended eye-liner or use it as a base for more structured make-up looks as the pencil technique or to intensify an eyeshadow.

Colored eye pencils for an alternative eye make-up

Do you have small eyes and fear that a black eye pencil can make them look even smaller?
You will only need to choose a light colored eye pencil, like a butter pencil, to open the gaze and mimic a bigger eye.

Do you want to try something different from the usual black? Let your creativity free with a colored eye pencil, like our Eye liner pencil to create pop and original eye make-up looks. From the brown eye pencil that enhances blue and light blue eyes, to the green, purple and plum eye pencils for bolder looks. To emphasize the gaze even more, don’t forget to also apply one of our highly performing mascaras.