Eye primer: for a long lasting eye make-up

Eye primer is a primary ally for the creation of your eye make-up, because it is needed to fix and improve the duration of both simpler and bolder looks. Since its function is to create a perfect base for the make-up, eye primer has to be applied before any other product; not only it allows an even application and layering of eyeshadows, eye pencils and eyeliners but guarantees a long duration and hold of the make-up as well.

For a long lasting eye make-up, with no creases or smudges, use Mia Makeup’s Step2 Eye Primer. You will only need to apply a thin layer to enhance any look! Thanks to its lightly colored formula, that can be adapted to any complexion, our primer evens out the eyelid’s color, by covering and concealing any rednesses, capillaries or skin spots.

Eye primer to minimize imperfections

With our eye primer you can also conceal the dark circles and signs of fatigue, for a brighter and more relaxed look. The eye primer can be easily applied with the fingers or with the help of a brush or a beauty blender. It dries quickly and smooths the eyelid, by preparing the ideal base to create flawless and professional eye make-up. Although the formula is lightly colored, it doesn’t alter the color of the eyeshadows by any means, but it simply enhances their chromatic effect.

Do you want to create a fresh look that will brighten up your gaze? You can use the eye primer on its own to conceal eyelids’ imperfections and obtain an even look. You will only need a coat of mascara to complete your light and natural eye make-up. In conclusion, no matter the effect you want to obtain, applying the eye primer is a fundamental step to create eye make-up that will leave everyone speechless!

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    Tinted eye primer that neutralises discolourations, intensifies eyeshadows pigmentation and increases their lasting effect.

    12.90 $