Defined and neat eyebrows for a complete eye make-up

Eyebrows, when neat and defined, can enhance any kind of make-up. We often forget to spend time taking care of the eyebrows, but even the most sophisticated make-up can look incomplete if they are not taken care of. Our eyebrows frame our face and putting make-up on them in the right way can highlight the eyes and give depth and importance to the gaze.

Our products for always neat eyebrows

From Mia Makeup you can find a wide range of products that are dedicated to the eyebrows, with different textures that have been studied to satisfy any need. Try the 4Brow Pencil, our eyebrow marker that lasts for hours giving an immediate microblading effect. Thanks to its special 4 tips applicator it’s extremely easy to use and can define and thicken the eyebrows in a simple gesture.

Alternatively to the marker we also have the pencils, like Eyebrow Fix and Define and Eyebrow Perfect Duo perfect to fill and define the arch precisely, whether you want to follow its natural shape or remodel it depending on your taste.

For whoever is looking for an all-in-one product, we created the Set&Define Eyebrow Palette that has everything that you need to fill, define and fix the eyebrows. Shape&Volume, our gel eyebrow mascara is perfect to whoever wants to give structure and definition to the eyebrow arch. It’s comfortable and quick to use and it’s available in several shades to satisfy any chromatic need of complexions, hair and skin to create a harmonious look.

In conclusion, for an instantaneous lifting effect, try our The One pencil: apply it under the eyebrow corner and lightly blend it for a pearly finish that brightens up and opens the gaze.