Mascara: the final touch for a gorgeous eye make-up

Mascara is the best eye make-up product: a real staple that can transform the gaze in one single gesture. It can be used to complete an already defined look or to open and intensify the gaze. On the online shop and in the Mia Makeup stores you can find the best volumizing, curling, lengthening and extra black mascaras, waterproof and long lasting.

How to choose the right mascara?

If you follow our advice, choosing the right mascara is easy. Mia Makeup offers several types, suitable for any need: whether you want longer or more curled, fuller or defined lashes, in our catalog you for sure find what you are looking for. Look at our selection, where you will be able to find:

  • Waterproof mascara, like the Reset Mascara,  to use in the summer or during special events, to prevent the make-up from melting, creating the so-called “panda” effect;
  • Curling mascara, like the Super Curvy, particularly suitable for straight lashes to obtain a magnetic and sexy look;
  • Lengthening mascara, like the False Fiber Lashes, to give extra length even to short lashes;
  • Volumizing mascara, like the Starlet Lash, for a dramatic full and dramatic lashes effect that mimic false lashes.

Every single one of these effects is made possible thanks to the specific shapes of the different brushes studied to better enhance your gaze: from the silicone ones, that help to perfectly separate the lashes, to those in fiber that give some extra millimeters for a sensational before and after.

Pro tips for perfect lashes

For an even more stunning effect, before applying the mascara, we suggest you try theSTEP1 LASH & EYEBROW, a strengthening treatment for lashes and eyelashes: protects, nourishes and strengthens stressed and weak lashes. Once applied, your lashes will instantly appear fuller, healthier and more defined. Use our lash curler : it’s a crucial step if you want to obtain an extreme curling of the eyelashes that lasts all day long.