BB & CC cream: two alternatives  to foundation

Mia Makeup’s BB & CC creams are some valid alternatives to foundation. These products are needed to create a light and super natural-looking face make-up. Don’t you know the difference between BB & CC cream? No problem, Mia Makeup knows how to guide you towards the right choice.

BB cream: what is it needed for, how to apply it

Do you wish to have light face make-up without giving up on a hydrated and even look? Choose the BB cream: you can also apply it by hand but, to avoid getting stained, we suggest applying the product with a blender or with a filbert brush. The BB cream spreads out easily and immediately makes the face look more even, smoother and, above all, hydrated.
It’s a cosmetic that helps even out your complexion and that, in its formula, has a hydrating complex making it a product that is halfway between skin care and make-up. Mia Makeup’s BB Cream is perfect for very young skins that don’t need specific treatments, as it enhances the complexion without covering the natural skin youth. This doesn’t mean that the BB Cream can’t be used on mature skins as well, in fact, its medium coverage makes it perfect even for faces marked by age because it does not emphasize wrinkles but it camouflages them and keeps the hydration level high to give you a face that is always glowy, fresh and healthy-looking.

CC cream: when and how to use it

CC creams, on the other hand, are color correcting creams. By being colored, we suggest you use them when there are light skin discolorations, rednesses, depigmentations or other problems as they protect the face and, at the same time, they minimize the imperfections. Thanks to the SPF of the formula the colored face cream is perfect during warm seasons, when we are usually more frequently exposed to the sun, with an SPF that protects from both UVA and UVB rays and from external atmospheric and pollutant aggressions. Do you still have any doubts? Contactexperts for further clarifications.