Best bronzing powders for face make-up

Do you know the difference between bronzing powder and counting powder? On you can find cool and matte powders to sculpt the face and obtain a sun-kissed face, baked glowy powders and all the best bronzing powders to enhance your face’s make-up.

How to create contouring with matte powder

Be careful not to confuse bronzing powder with contouring powder. The powder to create the light/dark technique sculpts and lines face’s volumes, with it you can indeed transform your face by making it thinner, you can round up an edgy face or reduce a big nose. So, matte finish powders create a real optical effect that reduces the areas that you think are bulky. Whichever is the goal of the contour, the main prerogative is to use the matte powder with a darker shade than the complexion to recreate all of the needed shades to reach the desired goal. You can find the contouring powders in single variation, in refill pods or in the complete face palettes that are completed with blush and highlighter to keep everything handy!

Tanning all year round with bronzing powders and glowy bronzers

Discover all the matte bronzers that Mia Makeup has created for you: there are several color shades, with cool and pink color tones, for fair skins up until the warm ones to cover medium or darkest skins. If you’d rather warm up the complexion to have a tanned effect even in the coldest seasons, try a warm bronzer, it will instantly give you a nice summery color. Even the bronzing powders have a gradual nuance variation: lightest colors, tending to the peach color better enhance the pinky fair complexion, bronze terracotta and orange colors enhance olive skin tones.

How to best apply bronzer

To apply the bronzing powder use a soft bristle face brush that will allow you to take the right amount of product to create soft nuances. Apply the bronzing powder on the forehead and on the low part of the jawline by identifying the areas you want to enhance first. To recreate your favorite contouring, build your customizable Mia Makeup’s palette by choosing all the shades you need to always keep them handy.