Concealers for all skin types

Mia Makeup’s concealers are the ally for our face make-up to hide signs of fatigue and little imperfections. But how to choose the most suitable concealer for you? Liquids, stick or colored, it’s not an easy choice. Mia Makeup thought about any need of your skin and created a wide range of concealers to help you always look radiant.

How to cover imperfections with concealers

To cover dark circles we suggest you use a fluid or liquid concealer that keeps the delicate eye area well hydrated and, at the same time, well covers this imperfection. On the localized imperfections you could apply a stick or compact concealer that works well to hide blemishes, acne and discolorations. Remember that the best concealer is the one that conceals a specific problem, so it is important not to use the same concealer on different types of imperfections.

What do you need the colored concealers for?

How can colored concealers help you? The green concealer is needed to counteract the rosacea’s redness, couperose or different types of rednesses, so it works as a mitigating factor of that annoying red color. The purple concealer is the ideal solution for whoever wants to even out the tan and cover any yellowing of the skin. To tone down paleness, tiredness and fatigue, hide wrinkles with an anti age effect, buy the pink concealer. Among the various colors there are also yellow and orange concealers: the yellow concealers neutralize purple dark circles, while the orange ones hide the blue dark circles and cover hematomas.

You don’t need to be an experienced make-up artist to solve any skin type problem. With the concealer palettes you have the possibility to have all the useful colors to hide several imperfections in handy, so Mia Makeup’s experts suggest you buy one right now to avoid any trouble during the unexpected events. In our store, you can learn all the characteristics of any product and choose the one that is best for your skin.