Face primer: make-up base to have a perfect face make-up

Face primer is a make-up base that can make the face make-up long-lasting and can help hide imperfections, smooth skin or conceal discolorations. When the foundation is not enough to deal with the longest days, primer runs to help support your make-up. Face primer is the product that acts as a pillow between cream and foundation to build a solid base where to apply any other cosmetic products and make them completely adhere.

All face primers

As any other product category, even the face primers are not all the same and every skin type needs an appropriate base depending on their needs: for example, to conceal an imperfection or enhance the duration of the make-up base.

Colored face primers: what do we need them for?

Primers have different formulas indeed and each one fulfills a specific need: green primer is ideal to neutralize skins with rosacea, couperose, rednesses or acne skin by making it easier to apply the foundation. Purple primer is useful to brighten dull skin or to neutralize a yellow complexion or to even out an asphyxiated skin.

Face primer for oily, mixed, mature, dry and dull skins

Mattifying primers are oily skin’s best friends and also allow you to use lighter foundations to control sebum production in order to enhance the duration of the entire face base. There are also smoothing primers that make the skin smoother by also having a filler effect on wrinkles, plumping them and giving your face an instantly younger looking appearance. Primers hide pores and smooth face skin by creating a layer that allows the foundation to slide on more easily, so that the imperfections can be better hidden, blemishes and acne scars as well. Then there is one of the most loved primers, the highlighting one, that brings light to dry skins by hydrating them and making them glowy even without using foundations and powder highlighters. Discover your face primer online and consult our Mia Makeup experts to avoid making the wrong choice!