Buildable palettes: create your customized make-up palettes

With our buildable palettes you will be able to customize your make-up palette and make it your own Mix and match products, colors and styles to build a versatile and multipurpose palette to use in any occasion, or build it ton sur ton to create homogeneous and harmonious looks.

Mia Makeup’s Modular Palette is available in both maxi and midi versions. The maxi one is a big buildable palette that can contain:

  • 4 eyeshadows;
  • 1 highlighter;
  • 3 products of choice among compact powder, bronzer and blush.


The midi version is a more practical and handy solution, but still complete, as it can be made of:

  • 3 eyeshadows;
  • 1 highlighte;
  • 2 products of choice among compact powder, bronzer and blush.

Refill products

Let’s discover all the characteristics of our refill products together.

Velvet Eyeshadow is the refill version of our new mono eyeshadows, and is available in 50 different shades. Its velvety and highly blendable texture, make it the perfect product to create a perfect look for both day and night. Choose your favorite color combination and add it to your customized palette.

Velvet Highlighter is our pot highlighter a must-have in any proper palette. It has a nice heart shape and is available in 2 color variations, Rose and Golden Rose, to give a natural glow to any complexion.

Velvet Mattifying Powder is our mattifying effect compact powder, available in 4 different shades. Thanks to its ultra light and highly performing texture, it fixes the make-up and minimizes the pores, making the skin even and smooth.

Velvet Blush is our matte finish blush with an ultra light texture. You can find it in 6 variations of color, studied for any complexion, from light pink to peach color up until purple (that really suits darker skin tones).

Velvet Bronzer is our bronzing powder that is available in 4 shades of color. Its full but very blendable is what make it extremely versatile, as it can be used in a very light way to lightly warm up the complexion and obtain a “sun-kissed” look, or you can use it to sculpt and define you face features.