Eye palettes: the most requested among the make-up palettes

Eye palettes by Mia Makeup are among the make-up palettes that have been studied to give chromatic variety in a mini size to always have with you. Our Glam Eyeshadow collection has 7 different, each of them having 9 multi finish eyeshadows.

Find the more suitable color combination for you

Would you like to have a palette that is balanced in the shades? Glam Eyeshadow Brownie Palette is very versatile as it contains both warm and cool shades and it’s perfect to create any eye make-up, from a smokey eye to a nude look.

Would you rather give a pop and extravagant look to your eyes? Glam Eyeshadow Pop Palette; is for sure the right choice for you. Thanks to the high pigmentation and the writing of the eyeshadows of this palette, you will be able to create outstanding make-up looks that will catch everyone’s attention.

For whoever needs a more complete palette there is our Reset which has 16 pots. It is available both in the Essential version, which has neutral shades(warm and cool) and in the Outlandish, with bright and vibrant colors like orange, yellow and green.

Do you have minimal taste and want a palette that has the essentials to create passpartout looks that are suitable for any occasion? Then you absolutely have to try our Sculpting Eyeshadow Palette. It’s available in 6 chromatic versions and has 5 eyeshadows with a velvety and highly blendable texture perfect to create warm or cool smokey eyes.

With the RESET Collection instead you can find the nude shades Essential palette with natural colors and beige and brown warm and cool colors with both matte and metal finish, a complete eye palette that suits any complexion , from the lightest to the darkest ones, including a super intense black that make the palette versatile.The Outlandish version of the RESET collection is dedicated to whoever loves the color with orange, magenta, green and light blue shades: a must have for any beauty lover and make-up artist.

Buildable palettes for a super customizable make-up

None of these options makes you 100% sure about your choice? Mia Makeup gives you the chance to build your customized palette. In this way you will always have your favorite products with you and you will be able to create unique and inimitable looks. Our buildable palettes are available in both maxi and midi versions and, in them, you can not only add eyeshadows but also face make-up products.