Face palettes: make-up palettes to sculpt and brighten the face

Face palettes represent, among the various make-up palettes, a practical and useful solution to create a perfect face make-up in a few minutes. Mia Makeup offers you several kinds of palettes to satisfy any need.

All the palettes for a glowy face

Are you tired of using many different products to conceal skin imperfections? That is why we created the All I Need Concealer Palette. It contains 5 cream concealers and is available in 3 chromatic versions: in this way, you will be able to find the right combo for your complexion. Thanks to their light formula, but with a high coverage as well, these concealers can minimize imperfections, fight skin discolorations and give the face an healthy and relaxed look.

Then there’s our Glam Face Palette, a face palette that contains the essentials to enhance your features. It contains a matte bronzer, perfect to shape and define face features with the contouring technique, a matte blush, to create a bonne mine effect and a powder highlighter with a silky and ultralight texture that makes the skin immediately more glowy.

And let’s not forget about the Reset Face Palette, our face palettes with a minimal packaging, very easy to always bring with you. In it there are 2 matte blushes, a matte bronzer and a pearly finish highlighter, all of them extremely adjustable and suitable to create looks for any occasion. The Reset Face Palette is available in 3 variants: the Pink Attitude that is suitable for lighter complexions, the Coral Calling that is suitable for medium or lightly tanned skin, the Mauve Mood, is for darker complexions instead.

Get your face ready for the make-up with our products

Before using our amazing face palettes, remember to deeply cleanse the skin to remove any impurity. Afterwards, go on with the application of one of our ace primers to create a perfect make-up base, evening out, concealing and brightening up your complexion.