Multipurpose face powders for an always perfect make-up

Mia Makeup face powders are the secret to make the face make-up last all day long. This tip is precious but our make-up artists suggest you pay attention to how you choose the product for you.

Long lasting makeup thanks to our face powders

There are several types of face powders: use a mattifying face powder if you have dry skin or brighten your face with a highlighting face powder on oily or mixed skin. Apply the loose translucent powder, you could choose our Baking Powder to use as a fixer for the concealer, it can also be used in the more sensitive areas like the eye area. Try Mia Makeup’s face powders to ensure a long lasting coverage of a localized imperfection, by using this little trick you will have a long lasting make-up and you won’t have to worry about wrinkles and creases all day long. The face powder can also be applied on the lips, it is indeed an indispensable product also to fix or mattify the lipstick and also to increase its duration.

Choose the best face powder for you

Find the more suitable face powder for you between those with a velvety and satin effect and the smoothing face powders for porcelain skin! As you might have already guessed, bring a compact face powder with you as it is perfect to touch up the face base when you are around on the hottest days. Choose wisely the colored face powder based on your complexion to enhance and intensify it. In our shops you can try the various products and understand which one is for you. Don’t hesitate to contact us online to have personalized assistance, Mia Makeup’s professionals will guide you in the choice of the face powder step by step.