Healing nail polishes and treatments: give a healthy look to your hands

Healing nail treatments and products by Mia Cosmetics are perfect for your hands, chosen by beauty centers and beauty salons and loved by beauticians and professional nail technicians. Consider nail care as a self-love gesture! Mia’s experts have created all the needed products to help you better your hand make-up.

Few tricks for a perfect manicure

If your nails are weak, continuously subject to breaking and flaking and appear thin and opaque, don’t be scared, on our online shop you can find all the tools to realize a perfect manicure at home. Discover all the healing treatments by Mia for stronger, brighter and healthier nails. Strengthening, filing the nails and removing the cuticles are just a few of the main steps of everyone’s manicure routine. The main step is the strengthening base, a healing treatment for fragile, soft nails that tend to yellow. Our product has a formula rich in vitamins and minerals to nourish your nails and help them grow.

For surprising results you need to be constant in the application. Even the nails are an alive tissue and they need a right amount of oxygen to live: let them breathe by avoiding colored nail polish for a few days between a manicure and another one. Before proceeding with the color, don’t forget to apply the translucent gel nail polish to ensure that your nails are fully protected and to increase colored nail polish duration.

Are you worried about the uneven surface of the nails? Try the filling nail polish for a filler effect and yours will appear polished straight away. How to get rid of those super annoying cuticles without damaging the skin? With the coconut flavored NO CUTICLE liquid you will only need to apply a thin layer at the base to proceed with the removal of the cuticles. You’ll immediately have perfect cuticles! Finish your beauty routine by softening the hands with the nourishing hand cream by Mia Cosmetics, for a smooth and toned skin.