Nail polish fixers, inevitable when it comes to nail care

Nail polish fixers by Mia Makeup are nail care products for hands and feet that guarantee a long lasting duration and give a healthy and natural look to your nails. Applying a semi permanent nail polish is quite a long process but, once done, you can forget about your manicure for almost a month!

Function and characteristics of nail polish fixers

Buy now a nail polish fixer by Mia Makeup to increase the duration of your favorite semi permanent nail polish. Our semi permanent gel is perfect for natural nails, it doesn’t ruin the tip-elongated nails and can be used in combination with monophasic and triphasic gel.
Our product has been created by following an innovative technology that gives it a multipurpose functionality it can be used both as a gel base before applying the colored gel, and as a sealer to fix the color and make the nails brighter. If your nails show signs of weakness and lose their natural brightness, try the nourishing version of our gel base/top. The formula has been enriched with nourishing substances that are needed for the growth of the tissue. Quicklac Vitactive is one of the nail polish fixers that will help your nails to regain vitality, making them stronger than before and protecting them during the manicure.

Discover other nail care products

Mia Makeup has created everything you need for whoever loves long lasting neat nails without removing and reapplying the nail polish. Explore Mia Makeup’s online store and add nail sets to your cart together with other professional nail make-up products (colored gel nail polish, UV lamp and UV nail polish fixers) that are often used in the best beauty centers and are used by the most famous nail artists. Try all of our semi permanent nail polishes and strengthening treatments.On our website you can get in contact with our experts to be guidend in the choice of the right products for you.