Semi permanent nail polish: try it to have always neat hands

Semi permanent nail polishes by Mia Makeup ensures an always neat look for your hands. For an excellent result, choose our semi permanent gel nail polishes range, loved by beauticians and used in beauty centers and famous because it is the only one that catalyzes in just 15 seconds under UV lamp. Nail polish kit for manicure and pedicure, studied by Mia Makeup experts are perfect for you that wish to have a long lasting manicure, created at home.

Why choosing a semi permanent nail polish

Our semi permanent gels ensure an easy application, full color, covering and super resistant. Before applying the colored gel, don’t forget about semi permanent base and top, it helps in an even application of the gel and lasts for about a month. Mia Makeup’s semi permanent nail polishes are available in several colors: from intense and dark reds, classical nudes to summer colors to show off for a full month with no need for any touch ups.

Apply the semi permanent at home

To apply a semi permanent nail polish, UV lamp is needed: buy it on our website to create your nail make-up independently. Mia Makeup’s lamp is a high power tool that ensures great polymerization time for flawless results with any semi permanent gel and nail polish. Between the application of different types of semi permanent nail polishes, use a cleansing solution to remove any sticky residue: this step is needed to make the surface of the nails ready to welcome the next nail polish.

Our products cover all nail care steps. In our catalog you won’t miss fundamental tools like the classical nail file and the mattifying buffer easily remove semi permanent gel, Mia Makeup’s remover acts delicately without attacking the tissue, leaving the skin smooth and hydrated.