Lip make-up: full lips with no filler

Lip make-up is that final touch that really makes a look complete. Whether you prefer to put make-up on your lips in a light or bold way, the products’ choice is fundamental to obtain the effect you desire. Lipsticks, lip tints, glosses: Mia Makeup has everything you need.

All the products to enhance the lips

Our product selection has been studied to enhance all lips type, whether they are full and well outlined or thin and uneven. Anyway, to create irresistible lip make-up, you need to start from the basics. It’s necessary to regularly follow a beauty routine that involves lip care steps. For example, you should use lipstick or a good hydrating lip balm everyday like our Step One Lip Plus. Actually, this product is way more than a simple lip balm: it’s a proper healing, plumping and nourishing treatment.

Do you want to create an ultra precise and smudgeless lip make-up? Try one of our lip pencils: they have a creamy and comfortable texture that makes it extremely versatile. You can indeed use them both to outline the lips and to complete the look with a lipstick or a lip tint, or you can blend them by tapping with the fingers to then complete with a gloss to obtain a very natural filler effect.

The lipstick is a timeless classic that can revolutionize any look. Matte or metal finish, liquid or in stick: Mia Makeup can always offer you a variety of alternatives. Try Matte Perfect for a velvety and sophisticated look or go for Lux Lip Color if you want to create a glamorous lip make-up to show off on special occasions. Are you looking for a solution that can give you precision and softness in a single product? Don’t miss our brand new Stalky Lipstick an ultra matte, long lasting liquid lipstick but with a super creamy texture, perfect for whoever wants to be neat without giving up the comfort.

For those who love liquid lipsticks, we created lip tints with a full and intense color. Their no-transfer formula is perfect to create make-up looks that must last hours or resist extreme conditions.
In conclusion, if you prefer a volumizing and plumping effect, you can’t go wrong with our glosses. Available in several different shades or in its translucent version, lip glosses can transform the entire face instantly by adding brightness and shifting everybody’s attention on the lips!