Gloss: a product that volumizes and gives light to lip make-up

Gloss is a timeless product if you want to give light and brightness to your lip make-up. Lip glosses are a versatile and multipurpose product that can make even the thinner lips look fuller: use them on their own for mirror lips effect or you can add just a touch of it in the center of the lower lip to create a point of light that will give multidimensionality to your face.

Let’s discover together the types of glosses: volumizing, plumping, hydrating and glossy.

Other than make them glossy and sexy, Lip Glass by Mia Makeup also nourishes and repairs the lips thanks to its hydrating, emollient and anti age ingredients. Lip Plumper is enriched with menthol and aloe vera, for an immediate plumping effect. Available in 12 shades, some of which have micro glitters for special occasions.

How to use the light blue gloss and what is it for

Light blue gloss is a proper must-have: whoever tries it for the first time can’t live without it anymore as it can completely revolutionize the look.

Our Lipstinctive has a very unique formula that reacts with the pH of the lips creating your personal shade for a MLBB(“My Lips But Better”). So, if used on its own, it will give glow and brightness to the lips; but if you try to apply it on a lipstick or a lip tint you will discover its surprising effect. Thanks to the micro pearls added to its formula, the light blue gloss by Mia Makeup reflects the light by creating an optical effect that makes the teeth instantly look whiter. It’s also a great “concealer” as it can “cool down” lipsticks that are too orangey and that can be out of tune with the complexion.

Lip oil: a glowy treatment as a gloss

Our Shine On will most definitely blow you away! It’s a very light and long lasting lip oil that encloses the glow of a gloss and the comfort of a lip treatment in a single product. Its formula with beeswax and castor oil nourishes and protects the lips by making them smooth and shiny.