Lip pencils: define and enhance the duration of the lip make-up

Le Lip pencils give that extra touch to any lip make-up. Thanks to its extreme versatility, they can be used in several ways:

  • along the outline, to optically alter the shape and the dimension of the lips by enhancing the cupid’s bow and redefining the edges;
  • applying them in an even way before lipstick to increase the hold;
  • gloss, for a natural and plumping effect.

A lip pencil for any need

Depending on the texture and on the chosen shade, lip pencils can create a perfect base before any lip tint or lipstick or can entirely replace them. If you have thin and uneven lips, use our classical and timeless lip pencil to redefine the outline with the overlining technique. You don’t need to exaggerate, you will only need to outline the natural edges of just a millimeter to instantly obtain fuller lips. The precise trait and the highly blendable texture of this lip pencil make it a very easy product to use and suitable for any lip make-up, both the nude and the bolder ones.

Did you create a more elaborate eye look and want to balance it with a lighter lip make-up? Discover the incredible smoothness of our Power Lip Color! It’s a super comfortable lipstick pencil, ideal to enhance the natural lip shape. It’s available in several shades and it’s so practical and easy to apply that, to do so, you won’t even need a mirror!

Create a long lasting make-up with Neverending Lip Pencil, the no-transfer formula lip pencil by Mia Makeup. With a precise and flowing trait, this pencil leaves a velvety and matte effect on the lips ensuring a 100% coverage right from the first coat.

For an even more extreme hold, try the Permanent Lip Liner, our lip marker with a tattoo effect. Its ultra pigmented formula allows to obtain an unmatched chromatic intensity but without drying the lips. Once dried, the finish is ultra matte but you can make it brighter by adding a touch of gloss in the center of the lips.

In conclusion, we want to tell you a secret: use our brightening multi area lip pencil The One to define or enhance the cupid’s bow.