Beauty blender: most loved make-up tools

Mia Cosmetics beauty blender are essential face tools to create a completely even base for your make-up. These make-up blenders are practical and comfortable to use and are ideal to apply concealer and foundation perfectly and create any make-up you can think of.

The various types of beauty blender

Mia Cosmetics beauty blender are several and they have various shapes and sizes to reach even the more difficult areas in order to apply the product in the most even way possible:

  • egg or drop-shaped, like the Drop Blender, to apply foundation even in the most difficult creases, it is especially suitable for cream or liquid products;
  • pear-shaped, like the Curvy Blender,used to fix the make-up base with setting powder and for baking;
  • double faced, like the Double-Sided Blender, to apply concealer in the areas that need more coverage and to hide even the tiniest blemishes;
  • oblique cut, like the Cutted Drop Blender, ideal to create a perfect contouring and alternate the shadow and light areas of the face;
  • pointed, like the Beauty Blender Cuneo, to precisely define a limited area.

Mia Cosmetics experts have also thought about anyone’s specific needs, like particular allergies, creating latex-free blenders that can be used on the more sensitive skin as well.

Other than the classical blenders, among the Mia Cosmetics make-up sponges, you will also find the innovative silicone sponge created with a particularly flexible material to reach even the toughest corners. The special porous surface allows a perfect application of the entire quantity of the product: no more waste with Mia Cosmetics! Here you will find the best quality beauty blenders and italian designs: with Mia Cosmetics beauty blender you will always have an even and natural base.