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What a professional makeup artist does

You have worked hard on your personal and recognizable style, you have experimented for hours and hours with different styles, finding inspiration from different eras, you have re-interpreted the new and old trends that define the ideal of beauty of our time. Not happy you started to deepen makeup for the bride , for photography, makeup for the cinema and then ended up with special effects makeup: from aging to the creation of wounds …! You have now become a Make-up Artist with a wealth of significant experience.

And now? What to use? What products to choose to make up a bride who will surely shed a few tears of emotion and the make-up must not take off? Or what to use when you make up a model for a summer photo shoot by the sea?

Choosing the right products that will characterize your professional makeup artist trolley is not really easy. Cosmetic companies are continually introducing high-performance makeup products that improve and simplify the work of makeup professionals , but how to choose? How do I buy professional makeup products without spending a fortune? And this is where MIA Makeup comes in , as an Italian cosmetic company , ready to offer you a catalog of over 1000 high-performance beauty products : professional makeup of superior quality at a particularly competitive price. 

Professional products for makeup artists and makeup artists

What are really the products that can never be missing in a professional make-up artist’s bag ? We analyze all the products you need to better face intense days of work on a photo or film set or with a bride or during a self makeup lesson. Your bag will not always be the same, even if there are many products, usually the basics and fundamental products, which will always accompany you but, you will have to adapt it to different work occasions. The job opportunities for a makup artist are many and different and you must never be caught unprepared. But let’s see in detail what to bring with you:


No make-up artist can do without it, no face can be made up at its best without the mother of all make-up bases , the anti-imperfection cream par excellence that combines the power of a cream with the color of makeup: the BB Cream . The Blemish Balm should be applied with a blender or a cat’s tongue brush or a small brush on a perfectly cleansed skin with micellar water or with the detergent first and then with rebalancing tonic.so that the skin, cleaned of impurities, can better absorb the active ingredients of the BB Cream. After applying the BB on your face, wait a few moments for it to dry and you can apply the other products you need.

The professional foundation

What kind of skin will you need to do? Oily, dry, dehydrated, mixed or normal? What tone and undertone does your model’s skin have? Truly in your career as a makeup professional you will find very different types of skin that you will have to learn to even out and make up with the right foundation. The best professional foundation you will use will have to ensure perfect buildability, a wide choice of colors and tones, which remains intact on the skin even in extreme conditions and above all that the color does not change after a long exposure to sunlight or cinema headlights.

The Professional Mascara

Mascara with unique performances that lengthen the lashes giving volume and length,  colored mascara or black mascara with high covering power that does not come off at the mere blink of the lashes. The makeup professional seeks and uses only mascara that ensures superior performance to the norm to define the lashes of any model or bride.

Professional False Eyelashes

The lashes can be lengthened, thickened, laminated, colored and even permed to give a greater curve. There are different types of products: strip false eyelashes , single hair false eyelashes and tufted false eyelashes to be glued one by one on your natural eyelashes. However, the choice that most make-up artists make is to apply professional false eyelashes in trip that guarantee the best desired effect in a very short time. For professional false eyelash application you need two basic accessories: false eyelash glue,better if transparent to better adapt to each color of mascara and eyeliner, which dries quickly and holds the strip firmly on the mobile eyelid even all day long and the tweezers for applying the eyelashes to ensure perfect positioning of the eyelashes on the eyelid.

Professional Eyeshadow Palette And Set

The best palettes for professional makeup artists must ensure a wide choice of colors and shades to be practical and quick to use. The best eyeshadow palette where you have as many colors as possible: neutral base eyeshadows , darker tones to emphasize the eye contour, illuminating shades, and eyeshadows with a warm hue. Choose eye shadows with bright textures that add a touch of glamor, the matte ones are modern and effective. It is the combination of these two elements that offers you the key to perfect daytime and special occasion makeup. Choose pigmented makeup palettes so you can modulate the desired effect and blend it with ease.

Eyebrow Products From Professionals

Lamination, coloring and bleaching, hair removal, microblending and permanent make-up, more or less soft pencils with different shades of color, permanent markers and tweezers of all types, shapes and materials … The make-up professional has so many solutions for make-up perfect eyebrows that enhance the look and face. All make-up artists have in their bags the brand new microblending eyebrow marker with 3 tips to draw or define its shape and thicken the thinnest points.

If you are a make-up artist who works in a beauty center, spa or hairdresser, discover now our solutions with  dedicated makeup displays and become an authorized MIA Makeup point .

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