Skincare: all of our must-haves for your face skincare beauty routine.

For a toned and flawless skin, discover the right products for skincare. On you will find all the best products to create a skincare routine based on your skin type (oily, dry, mixed, aged,etc) or issue (eye bags and dark circles, rednesses, skin spots, sebum excess, acne, etc) with performing products starting from face cleanser, to the exfoliating treatments like scrub, chemical and enzymatic peeling, anti wrinkles serums and oils with the best anti age ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen and Peptides to prevent, counteract and reduce wrinkles, face creams for any skin type, different make-up removers and face, eyes and lip treatments.

Mixed, dry or oily skin: find the right product for you

Choose the face treatments that are more suitable for your skin and transform your daily routine in a moment of relaxation. The first step is a deep and accurate cleansing for sure, with delicate but efficient make-up removers that have been studied for several types of skin, like Cleansing in the Dark, for oily skin, the mousse In Da Cloud cleanser that is perfect for sensitive skin or Cleanse My Day, the multipurpose make-up remover cleanser. Thanks to our face cleanser and exfoliators you will be able to remove any trace of impurities and have a clean and glowy face. Do you want to cleanse and remove the make-up in a single gesture? Try our make-up removers, like Micellar Water 3 in 1, Purple Micellar or Cleanse & Tone Milk to remove waterproof make-up as well and keep the skin hydrated, smooth and tonic.

After the cleansing step it’s time to take care of the hydration of our skin with the right products for the skin type. Serums are the first product to apply after cleansing, preparing the skin to welcome the next treatments and they have active principles that act based on the characteristics they offer. Among the Mia Makeup skincare’s best-sellers there are the vitamin C Harmonia serums with Hyaluronic Acid and extracts that have been studied to restore the skin balance of impure skins.

Our hydrating products counteract the dehydration of dry skin and prevent premature aging by reintegrating liquids in the most external layers. You can choose among the various face creams like, for example, Hydrata Face Cream, that preserves the lipid layer of the face skin thanks to its hydrosoluble components of its formula. It also contains vitamins and antioxidants that contribute to the regeneration of skin cells, keeping it toned and elastic. Active Face Cream is instead the perfect face cream for oily skin, with a matte finish that instantly gives the ski a healthier effect.

The best face exfoliators: scrubs, enzymatic and chemical peeling with BHA.

To deeply purify face skin you can choose among a wide offer of mechanical scrubs, with natural exfoliating micro activated charcoal particles or green caviar, highly performing chemical exfoliators like BHA Boost, exfoliating liquids with beta-hydroxy acids, or Papricot Reset, the only scrub that combines mechanical action of apricot kernels with the enzymatic power of papain. To brighten up the skin with a new light, Twinky Twinkle is the glittery scrub that is perfect for young and very young skin that love to have fun with efficient skin care products that have a high aesthetic impact, perfect for an Instagram Stories as well!

Eye wrinkles, toneless skin and dull complexion: here are the solutions

Every age has its specific needs: as you turn 30 it’s necessary to use anti wrinkles products to counteract the appearance of the first wrinkles and anti-blemishes products to minimize age and sun spots and even out hyperpigmented skin. For aged skin that has deep wrinkles we have specific anti age face creams for the eye area and lifting products for neck and décolleté. Face serums by Mia Cosmetics have several functions depending on the skin type: the Blooming Serum Mauve Infusion is particularly suitable for dull and dehydrated skin, while Harmonia Serum C-Detox has a very light formula, suitable for oily skin as well.

Do you want a self-care moment to detach yourself from everyday stress? Pamper your skin with one of our face masks, for an instant healthier and more relaxed look, with no eye bags or dark circles. Try our tissue face masks collection, like the Pure Face Sheet Mask Collagene that gives tone and elasticity to the skin or use the Magnetic Boost Mask, the revolutionary magnetic face mask by Mia Cosmetics that can catch any trace of impurity, giving back smoothness and brightness to dull skin. Let yourself be guided by Mia Makeup experience for the choice of the more suitable products for your skin!