Face treatments: the best for skin care

Are you looking for the best face treatments for your skin care?
Discover all the steps for a complete skincare routine. Dry, mixed or oily, aged or acne, dull or hyper-pigmented: Mia Cosmetics can offer you a solution for any skin problem.

Problematic skin

If your skin has skin spots or is hyper pigmented, our Complexion Clarifying is perfect. It’s a face cream that helps reduce skin discolorations and rebuild damaged tissues and can be used even on the hands.
For healing oily or acne prone skin it’s better to use anti blemish products like Active Face Cream with cicatrizants and anti-inflammatory properties. Thanks to its sebum-regulating function, you’ll have a more opaque complexion and visibly less dilated pores right after the first application.

From cleansers to make-up removers: all the needed products for the skincare

Any skin type, then, has the need to be cleansed and exfoliated regularly. Mia Cosmetics offers a wide range of face cleanser and exfoliating products, that can promote the removal of dead skin cells and even out the complexion. Our Bha Boost is an exfoliating liquid that is suitable for any skin type but is especially recommended for mixed and oily skins.
If, instead, prefer exfoliators, try Green Caviar: it’s very delicate on the skin and, in its formula, it contains activated charcoal and green caviar which is a special seaweed, rich in vitamins and amino acids.

Mia Cosmetics also has a wide selection of face masks, hydrating face creams and specific products for the eye area that are suitable for any age and that will give a fresh and relaxed look to any skin type. Do you want a complete face treatment that has purifying and anti age properties? Recovery Wrinkles Serum is among the most efficient serums This anti wrinkles product with snail slime has an innovative formula that exfoliates and repairs epidermis delicately.

Obviously, skincare isn’t complete if you don’t use make-up removers to deeply remove any make-up and impurity trace. Micellar water by Mia Cosmetics can remove even the more resistant make-up without being harsh on the face, leaving it smooth and hydrated.