Face cleanser: face treatments always start from a great skin cleaning

Face cleansers are the step that precedes the application of face treatments and are essential for skincare. Our skin is the barrier that protects us from external pollutants. For this reason, there are many impurities that can be accumulated on the face so it’s important to deeply cleanse and purify the skin.

Double cleaning secrets

Have you ever heard about double cleaning? It’s a cleansing method that is inspired by korean skincare but that is traditionally inspired by japanese geishe’s technique to remove the make-up. In fact, to remove the particularly elaborate make-up, they started with an oil and then used a foam cleanser. This technique left a smooth, hydrated and flawless skin and it’s back on trend in the last few years especially for its peculiar efficiency. Double cleaning is suitable for any skin type but is particularly indicated for sensitive skins that don’t tolerate aggressive face cleansers.

Mia Cosmetics face cleansers

Whether you follow a multi-step korean skincare or one that involves a few gestures, the first step for a flawless and healthy-looking skin is surely cleansing. Choose the face cleanser by Mia Cosmetics that is more suitable for your skin. Cleansing In The Dark is a cleanser with activated charcoal, aloe vera and mauve that has a purifying and rebalancing action and is particularly suitable for oily or mixed skin types. On the other hand, In Da Cloud is a foaming face cleanser with a detoxifying and sebum-regulating effect that is perfect to be used on its own or as a final step of double cleaning, after the oily step. To quickly remove make-up and cleanse with a single product you can try the gel make-up remover Cleanse My Day perfect to remove waterproof make-up as well, or Cleanse & Tone Milk cleansing milk that delicately removes the make-up, cleanses and purifies even the most sensitive skin types.