Eye area: face treatments targeted for reducing wrinkles, eye bags and dark circles

Eye area needs more attention as the skin in that area is thinner and more delicate than the rest of the face and it needs specific face treatments. The main problem that concerns the eye area is the appearance of eye bags, dark circles and expression lines. These imperfections give a more tired and dull color to the face.

Mia Cosmetics solutions to eye area imperfection

Are you fighting everyday against eye bags, dark circles and wrinkles? Discover the best face treatments by Mia Cosmetics dedicated to the eye area. Patches, serums, anti wrinkles creams: each product helps to solve a specific problem, completing the skincare routine.
Eye Patch Snail Burr has a Hydrogel formula with snail slime that contributes in reducing the swelling of eye bags and dark circles, reducing the wrinkles at the same time. Try Youth Instant Filler Eye Bags, the eye area product with an immediate filler effect that is also perfect to prepare the make-up base before applying the concealer.

To reduce signs of aging in aged skins it’s necessary to use a good anti age product, with a smoothing action. Eye area related face treatments are rich in active principles that act on connective tissue, nourishing it and filling the expression lines, so Stamina Eye Care is what you need. Its formula is rich in stem cells deriving from red grapes and shea butter that give an antioxidant, filling and protecting effect.
For a rapid and useful solution to always bring with you during travels as well, you could try our eye patches: Precious Gold Eye Patch Biobotox have a plumping and smoothing effect for an immediately more relaxed look.