Face serums with Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C: face treatments with high content of active principles.

Face serums are, without any doubt, among the most popular face treatments for skincare. The classical face creams have an oil and water rich consistency to act as powerful moisturizers. On the other hand, serums are rich in active and specific substances and they have less fat mass, and that’s why they absorb rapidly. These face treatments play several roles and their fluid and ultra light consistency well adapts to any skin type, deeply nourishing and hydrating it.

Face cream and serum act well if both are included in the beauty routine. The serum, a very concentrated product, penetrated deeply and must be applied after the cleansing. Subsequently, the face cream can be applied; it nourishes and hydrates the superficial layers of the skin, protecting it from external agents and temperature shifts.

Brightening, anti wrinkles, rebalancing, evening and revitalizing serums.

Mia Cosmetics has created face serums that are specific for any need.

Try the Blooming Serum to regenerate your skin and brighten it up with a new light. Blooming Serum Gold Infusion contains 24k gold microparticles that stimulate collagen production, keeping the skin smooth and elastic. Blooming Serum Mauve Infusion contains infused mallow flowers that, thanks to their antioxidant properties, help heal the skin and evening out the complexion. In conclusion, Blooming Serum Rose Infusion is enriched with rosehip petals with regeneration and anti age properties. Are you looking for a multipurpose product? Try Harmonia Purify And Balance Serum, a face serum with hyaluronic acid that would allow you hydrate and exfoliate the skin with a simple gesture, purifying and rebalancing it. Prevent and counteract the winkles formation with Harmonia Serum C-Detox, the perfect treatment to plump, brighten up and remove any stress and tiredness sign on the face.