Make-up removers: remove make-up before applying any face treatments

Using make-up removers before applying any face treatments is fundamental to take care of skin avoiding irritations and rednesses.

How to choose the make-up remover

It’s important to know how to put make-up in the right way and how to choose the right products for the skin type. For waterproof make-up looks, the best make-up removers are surely the oil or biphasic ones, micellar water and gel make-up removers cleansers. These make-up removers can remove all the mascara, water resistant eyeliners and the most long lasting foundations without stoking, especially to preserve the delicate eye area.

We suggest you let the skin breathe at night, so, before going to sleep, you must remove all the make-up by completely and efficiently cleansing the skin with all the steps, starting from the removal of make-up and impurities, no matter what the perfect skincare routine is.

The best make-up removers by Mia Cosmetics

Choose the best make-up removers for your skin type and the make-up you use. Mia Cosmetics can offer you a selection of make-up removers that, for their multiple characteristics, can be considered like proper face treatments. Cleanse & Tone Milk is a cleansing milk for dry and delicate skin. Remove any trace of impurities and, thanks to Argan, sweet almonds and jojoba oil, nourishes the skin. If you follow a korean skincare routine, his make-up remover can also be used as the first step of double cleansing process. Micellar Water 3 in 1 is the best product for effectively removing any type of make-up, even water resistant ones. Thanks to its complex of active ingredients, it purifies the skin without greasing it.

Are you looking for a specific product for the removal of waterproof make-up? Try Cleanse my Day 3 in 1 that is suitable for any skin type. There is also Purple Micellar Bi-Phase, biphasic cleanser that has been studied to remove face, eye and lip make-up leaving the skin fresh and hydrated.

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