Peelings: regenerate and give new light to your skin with these face treatments

Peelings are face treatments that help to remove dead skin cells, even out the complexion and conceal imperfections. These products must only be used, after cleansers, once or twice a week, otherwise they might be too aggressive on the skin. When you apply exfoliants, it is important to avoid the eye area in order not to irritate the skin.

Find the type of exfoliation for you

Chemical, mechanical or enzymatic exfoliants? Mia Cosmetics only have the best face exfoliating treatments for skincare. Mechanical peeling scrubs with natural ingredients, enzymatic peelings and alpha and beta- based peeling liquids (AHA/BHA) that make the skin glow: you only have to discover which product is more suitable for your skin type.

Among our peeling scrubs you can find Let it breathe that improves the the microcirculation and favors the skin oxygenation; Papricot Reset, that combines the peeling effect of the mechanical scrub with the characteristics of an enzymatic peeling thanks to the Papain action; and Green Caviar, that fights against the flaking of the skin, leaving it smooth and levigated. If you have oily or mixed skin, chemical exfoliation is the best one. Try Bha Boost, a peeling liquid with salicylic acid with a purifying action that instantly gives the skin a healthy and glowy look.

Even the lips must be regularly exfoliated to remove any cracking and annoying skin flaking that would otherwise be enhanced by lipsticks and lip tints. Mia Cosmetics’ lip scrubs like Coconut Margarita Lip Scrub are proper treatments that nourish and heal lips thanks to natural ingredients.

To increase peelings’ efficiency, we suggest you match it to other face treatments, like hydrating creams and serums. Discover them all on our online shop!