Deep wrinkles: aged skin problems

Deep wrinkles are among the aged skin problems. Our skin undergoes deep changes during time, both at a cellular and a beauty level. There are several factors that contribute to increasing the skin aging process, among these, the main ones are: genetic predisposition, pollution, wrong eating habits; alcohol and tobacco consumption. During the years, skin decreases its ability to produce substances like collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid that are essential to keep the skin toned and hydrated.

With aging, skin becomes dryer and not that elastic and glowy, marked by deep wrinkles. The first wrinkles already appear around 25 years, when there is a shift in cellular activity. At first, there are wrinkles that appear in the most sensitive skin of the eye, lips and forehead area, then even neck and décolleté are involved. The aging process is inevitable but can be slowed down by adopting a healthy lifestyle paired with a proper skincare.

Anti age treatments by Mia Cosmetics: anti wrinkles creams and serums

Are you looking for efficient remedies to mitigate deep wrinkles? Apply our Stamina Face Cream daily: an innovative anti wrinkles face cream with stem cells that fill in the wrinkles and tone skin. To treat deep wrinkles we also suggest vials by Mia Makeup that have been created to remove and hide more visible wrinkles, they need to be applied regularly to keep the results during time. AHA, BHA,superfoods and plumping and filling serums are perfect products for a skincare routine that is suitable for aged skin,that help counteract signs of aging and keep a toned and healthy look. For an immediate effect, try the face masks with collagen, peptides, hyaluronic acid and stem cells to prevent, remove and decrease wrinkles in the face, eye, forehead, eye, nose and lip area.