Dehydration: causes several skin problem

Dehydration involves various skin problems, like dryness and flaking of the skin. Any skin type can be dehydrated, even the oily one.

Water is fundamental for our skin’s well-being as it helps keep it young and elastic. It’s a temporary skin condition and doesn’t have to be mistaken with dry skin, that is caused by lack of nourishment. The lack of water in the skin alters the function of its protective barrier and you start to feel discomfort. The main symptoms of dehydration are: feeling of tension, dull and flaky skin. There are several reasons why our skin suffers from the lack of water: too cold and windy environment, UV rays, pollution, stress, too harsh cleansers and cosmetic products, smoke, alcool and pharmacological treatments are all the main triggers.

Mia Cosmetics solutions for an healthy and Hydrated skin

To counteract skin dehydration choose moisturizing products Cosmetics with aloe vera, vitamins and superfoods that deeply nourish dry skin, keeping it well hydrated. Specific cleansers, vials and creams for skincare are all fundamental elements to rehydrate dry skin and to obtain a glowy and healthy complexion.

Buy our Hydrata Face Cream that gives support to the lipidic film of the face skin bringing the right amount of water. Rich in vitamins and nutrients, it regenerates the skin barrier, preventing thin lines and discolorations.

For oily and dehydrated skin, we suggest the Harmonia Purify and Balance Serum. Its formula with hyaluronic acid, Glycolic Cucumber Extract, vitamins and nutrients make it a powerful product with hydrating, astringents and healing features.

To hydrate a normal to very dry skin you can choose among our 3 Blooming Serum that, other than hydrate, also have brightening anti wrinkles, invigorating and plumping active ingredients.

Build your daily skincare with the best products to deeply nourish your skin in a few minutes and obtain the glowy result that you always wished for!