First wrinkles: young skin problems

First wrinkles are problems related to young skin, they can in fact arise already from 25 years old. There are many factors that determine their appearance like:

  • genetic predisposition;
  • incorrect sun exposure;
  • unbalanced diet;
  • stress;
  • too polluted environment;
  • alcohol and drug consumption.

All of these elements act on the derma, the intermediate skin layer, causing a structural change. There is a reduction of collagen, elastic fibers and glycosaminoglycan production, with a resulting loss of elasticity of the tissues. Even the sebum production decreases over time causing skin dehydration. These several causes transform our skin making it thinner, less toned, dry and dehydrated and so more sensitive to the stresses coming from external environment.

The first wrinkles that start appearing are the famous expression lines that transform in the eye, forehead and lip area. These signs of aging derive from several facial contractions that we do during life and they tend to become even sharper for the change that the skin undergoes with age.

Aging process can’t be stopped but it can be slowed down with a good prevention. The experts suggest to follow a healthy lifestyle paired with a proper skincare.

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