Stress and skin problems: the best face treatments for a glowy and spotless face

Stress is one of the main factors at the base of skin problems. Therefore, it’s important to follow all the steps of a proper skincare to treat and prevent redness, dermatitis, acne and other effects that excessive stress may have on our body.

Stress effects on skin

Cortisol also known as stress hormone, it’s fundamental for the right functioning of our body, but if your level is too high it can cause imbalances in the entire body that will occur on the skin as well.

When we’re particularly stressed, our immune system weakens and we can observe changes in the skin complexion the immediately looks more dull and gray, giving the entire face a tired and unhealthy. Furthermore, mental and physical stressful times can compromise and damage the protecting skin barrier, causing the appearance of eating disorders and skin problems like dermatitis, psoriasis and eczema.

Understanding which are the causes of stress, especially the chronic one, it’s useful to find the best remedy depending on the cases. Leading a healthy lifestyle, performing physical activity, sleeping enough and following the right diet is indispensable to find a psycho-physical balance and to reduce stress symptoms. Even performing the right skincare routine for your skin type is important to avoid submitting the skin to more stress due to harsh products.

Physical problems caused by stress: how to treat them with the right skincare

Mia Cosmetics offers a wide range of face treatments for any skin type, from dry and sensitive ones to oily or mixed ones. Stress may cause several problems that have to be treated properly.

Remove the make-up and cleanse reddened and inflamed skin with delicate mousse products, like In Da Cloud or Cleanse My Day 3 in 1.

For dull, matte and grayish skin, try Bubble Mask, the oxygenating mask by Mia Cosmetics that purifies, hydrates and brightens up the face.

Do you have a marked and tired eye area? For a quick and efficient solution try our eye patches: Eye Patch Snail Burr have snail slime that can smoothen wrinkles and reduce eye bags and dark circles, while the Precious Gold Eye Patch Biobotox are enriched with peptides that replump and brightens up the gaze.

Don’t forget to maintainhigh your skin hydration level with an excellent moisturizer, such as Hydrata Face Cream by Mia Cosmetics, enriched with vitamins and Omega-3 to counteract cellular aging.