Eye area wrinkles: thin and not that elastic skin problem

Eye area wrinkles are one of the various skin problems that arise with aging. These signs of aging are formed on our face with the beginning of the aging process, between 25 and 30 years old.

Our skin undergoes a change along the course of our life,there is an internal transformation of cellular activity. Factors ike UV rays exposure, smog, stress, unbalanced diet, alcohol and tobacco consumption and genetic predisposition, on the long run, act on the skin that undergoes slowing down and decreasing of collagen and elastin production. The effect of these agents is the dehydration of the skin with a consequent thinning and dryness of the skin and loss of elasticity and tone.

The eye area is already a pretty delicate area of the face and that’s why it is among the areas where the first signs of aging are more visible. The wrinkles on the thin skin tissue appear because of the facial mimic and the constant squinting of the eyes that causes the crow’s feet wrinkles, the wrinkles around the eye area. Aproper lifestyle and skincare can prevent the formation of wrinkles along the eye area and slow down the aging effects.

Remedies against eye area wrinkles by Mia Cosmetics

Are you looking for efficient remedies and the best products to decrease the eye area wrinkles? Try the eye patches, the eye masks with collagen and peptides to reduce crow’s feet wrinkle. Hydrate the area with the hydrating filler effect. With a tensor effect the area around the eyes immediately looks smoother and more toned, it is also useful to remove eye bags and dark circles.