Mixed skin: the best skincare for this skin type

Mixed skin is , most probably, the most common skin type. Mixed skin skincare products must be chosen carefully so that they are suitable for both drier and more oily areas of the face. Mia Cosmetics thought about the specific needs of whoever wants to discover how to treat mixed or sensitive skin, creating a range of specific products to add to your skincare routine.

Mixed skin characteristics

An irregular and uneven sebum production is the main feature of mixed skin that shows:

  • areas of the face where skin is normal or dry. It usually is the lip, area and cheek area;
  • areas of the face where skin is oily, shiny , greasy and has blemishes. e presenta imperfezioni. It’s the so-called T area, that includes forehead, nose and chin.

This uneven skin surface can sometimes cause confusion and make the choice of skincare products difficult. In reality, to have a blemish free, smooth, hydrated and even face you only need few precautions and right treatments.

The best products for mixed skin

Face cleanser choice is fundamental: you have to go for products that have a purifying action but are still delicate so that they don’t stress the skin even more. Try In Da Cloud, the foam cleanser that is perfect for mixed skin with both healing and sebum-regulating characteristics.

After a deep and careful cleansing, apply a rebalancing toner on the face, like Hydra Life Tonic Lotion by Mia Cosmetics to restore natural skin pH and give it an instantly healthier and brighter look.

Promote cell turnover with a delicate chemical peeling like BHA Boost and hydrate the skin with a light textured cream like Active Face Mask that nourishes dry skin area and regulates sebum production in oily skin areas.

Do you want to have a visibly healthier looking and beautiful face in just a few minutes? Then try one of the tissue face masks by Mia Cosmetics or apply our Magnetic Boost Mask with the innovative magnetic innovative formula: you will have a face that is free from any blemish that mixed skin may cause.