Aged skin: best face treatments for this skin type

Aged skin is a skin type that needs a little bit more attention. Skincare for aged skin needs the use of specific products and rich in active principles to give back tone and elasticity to face and to counteract signs of aging, like wrinkles or age spots. Mia Cosmetics offers a wide range of face treatments entirely dedicated to more aged skin.

What happens when skin ages

Skin aging is a natural but extremely subjective process and that can also be slower or faster depending on the situations. In fact, skin can show the first signs of aging around 30 years of age or can stay firm and elastic even after 50 years of age. Genetic predisposition is surely a determining factor when it comes to aging of the skin, but external agents don’t have to be underestimated as well like bad feeding habits, bad sleep quality and excessive sun exposure. All of this contributes to the aging of the skin that causes:

  • loss of tone and elasticity;
  • dull and gray color;
  • dryness and thinning of the skin;
  • skin spots;
  • more or less deeper wrinkles.

Best face treatments for aged skin

A proper skincare routine can help slow down the aging process of the skin. Fight the passing of time thanks to the revolutionary anti age products by Mia Cosmetics that are rich in performing ingredients like hyaluronic acid, collagen, peptides, stem cells and vitamins that promote the cell turnover and plump the marked areas for a younger, fresher and healthier looking face.

Try Intense Elagen Antiage, the anti wrinkles treatment with elastin that prevents skin relaxation, or Intense Glico Ronic, face treatment with hyaluronic acid that deeply penetrates, smoothing the wrinkles and expression lines. Discover the entire face masks range, enriched with active principles, like the peptide tissue mask for a plumping and smoothing acton, or our innovative Bubble Mask, the oxygenating face mask that, once applied on the face, creates many “fizzing” bubbles that promote microcirculation, giving new light to the typical dull complexion og aged skin.

Among the fundamental products to keep the skin young and elastic, there are anti age serums and face creams for sure. With Antiage Face Cream by Mia Cosmetics you visibly reduce signs of aging thanks to the antioxidant action of coenzyme Q10 in its formula. Apply Harmonia Serum Hyaluronic Pro Age everyday, the anti age hyaluronic acid serum by Mia Cosmetics and you will have a skin that is more compact, smoother and less marked by wrinkles in very little time.