Oily skin: here’s the skincare routine for this skin type

Oily skin is a skin type that appears like comedones (black or white heads) or blemishes. A proper skincare is fundamental to bring back the natural balance of oily skin.

Oily skin types: oily and asphyxiated

Sebum production, if normal, is for protecting the skin and keeping it hydrated and elastic but if becomes excessive it brings to the formation of skin imperfections and inflammations. When they are hormonal or genetic, oily skin causes can be linked to stress, pollution or bad feeding habits. Even a wrong skincare can cause excessive sebum secretion and that’s why it is very important to know your oily skin type.

Depending on the characteristics they have, oily skin can be divided into:

  • oily skin
  • asphyxiated skin

Oily skin (or greasy) is surely the most common skin type and is easily identified for the presence of blackheads, blemishes, dilated pores and its shininess. On the other hand, asphyxiated skin, even if it’s oily, it’s rough and dry when you touch it and is frequently subject to flaking. The skincare for these two skin types, even if they have some steps in common, are different when it comes to tiny precautions to take, let’s discover them.

Oily face skin? Here is the right skincare for you

Skincare for oily skin requires several steps and a proper cleansing is surely the basis to start from. Contrary to what is generally thought, delicate face cleansers are the best one for whoever has very oily skin. To remove make-up it’s better to use foam make-up removers like Cleanse My Day 3 in 1 by Mia Cosmetics or micellar water. Cleansing the face with a purifying activated charcoal product like Cleansing In the Dark is perfect to have bright and flawless skin.

Exfoliating the skin to regenerate it and remove dead cells is particularly important for whoever has asphyxiated skin. Mechanical scrubs are not suitable for this skin type as they are too aggressive on a skin that already flakes easily. Chemical exfoliants, like Mia Cosmetics BHA Boostare asphyxiated skin’s best friends as they promote cell turnover without stressing the skin even more.

Face masks with clay like Radiant Clay by Mia Cosmetics allow to give back to the skin a healthy look, deeply purifying the skin and mattifying the skin, getting rid of that annoying shiny effect.

The final step is the hydration. Choosing hydrating products that are suitable for oily skin is not always easy: you should prefer serums and creams with a very light texture rather than those with a richer consistency. Our Active Face Cream is a sebum-regulating cream that immediately absorbs, leaving the skin smooth, fresh and hydrated.