Sensitive skin: complete skincare routine for this skin type

Sensitive skin is a skin type that needs specific care and products as it is often subject to irritations that can cause itch and rednesses. Mia Cosmetics has thought about the selection of face treatments for delicate skin skincare that can delicately heal, hydrate and purify even the most reactive skin.

What causes delicate and sensitive skin

Skin sensitivity is a skin problem that can appear at any age and includes several annoying symptoms like itching and tingling or even a burning and pain feeling. To make the skin hypersensitive there are many factors that act altering the natural hydrolipidic balance of the skin like:

  • genetic predisposition;
  • skin aging process;
  • hormonal imbalances;
  • pollutants and allergens;
  • climate and environment;
  • use of cosmetic products that are not suitable for your skincare and too harsh skincare products;

If not treated in the right way, sensitive skin can degenerate and become couperose, dermatitis and erythema.

The best products to treat hypersensitivity of the skin

A skincare routine that has been properly made surely helps resolve problems that sensitive skin often brings. So you need to choose delicate and healing products to give relief to irritated skin.

The first main step to take care of sensitive skin is cleansing. To remove make-up, use delicate make-up removers like micellar water by Mia Cosmetics or Purple Micellar Bi-Phase. Prefer milky face cleanser like a delicate cleansing milk like Cleanse&Tone Milk that thanks to the presence of Arga, jojoba and sweet almonds oil, leaves the skin smooth and velvety.

Aloe vera is a great ally for sensitive skin thanks to its healing power and is an ingredient that you can find in may Mia Cosmetics products, like in Seng Seng and Spiru Candy face masks that refresh and revitalize reddened skin.

For a delicate but efficient hydration, go for Harmonia Serum C-Detox an hydrating serum enriched with vitamin C and mandelic acid with an antibacterial and healing function. If your skin is not only sensitive but also ages, Stamina Face Cream with stem cells is perfect to hydrate and counteract skin aging process at the same time.